In which, you find out what this is all about.

Congratulations! You’ve found me amidst the trash fire of click-bait and hot-takes that the ought’s Internet has become and hopefully the 2020’s Internet will eventually eschew. A winner is you. 

While it may seem like an ass-y thing to lead a web site with, I am being serious. Thank you for finding me. Writing on the Internets about anything other than click-bait and hot-takes is like trying to have a conversation with someone at the other end of a very busy train station. 

So, what in the hell is a rank spoon

…Foolish, half-witted, nonsensical; it is usual to call a very prating shallow fellow, a “rank spoon.”


It’s me. I am a rank spoon

I say foolish things, and I have an appreciation of nonsense. On top of that, I apply those aesthetics to what I write about here. And what I write about here generally involves  things that are environmental in tone, and historical as it relates to me and my present geography. 

Thanks for reading!